Nasser Bin Sherida Al Kaabi: Strict anti-doping strategy at QREC

3 May 2017

Nasser Bin Sherida Al Kaabi, Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club (QREC) General Manager, participated, on Tuesday, 2 May 2017, in the opening session of the 7th Annual Symposium organised by the Anti-Doping Lap Qatar (ADLQ) at the Torch Meeting Room. The two-day event is held under the theme “Anti-Doping in Humans and Animals: Parallels and Divergences" with a large participation of anti-doping specialists. The Symposium was opened by Dr Mohammed Bin Ghanim Al Ali Al Maadheed, ADLQ Chairman of Board of Trustees. Also present were Dr Mohammad Al Sayrafi, ADQL General Manager, Mashael Al Ansari, ADQL Head of Public Relations and a number of guests and eminent anti-doping figures from all over the world. The Symposium addresses several topics, including the usage of doping and threshold substances in horseracing.

Nasser Bin Sherida Al Kaabi: Our mission is to apply international standards and achieve excellence

Nasser Bin Sherida Al Kaabi, QREC General Manager, gave a speech, welcoming the audience and highlighting QREC’s strategy in this field. “On behalf of the Management of the Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club, I would like to express our appreciation of this important Symposium”, he said, “which raises throughout its sessions a number of topics of high significance at present. We, at QREC, pay due attention to such topics based on QREC’s Vision of promoting Qatar as a world-class hub for horse racing and a leader in the purebred Arabian horse breed.

Such attention is also based on QREC’s Mission of achieving excellence in planning, regulating and developing Qatar’s equine industry to reflect the world’s best practices. Such objectives require sound practice of sports in general and of the equestrian and horseracing sport in particular to ensure the fulfilment of the principle of equal opportunities, sportsmanship and the noble values and ideals embodied in sports. QREC has, therefore, developed an equine anti-doping strategy by having the necessary tests carried out before and after races. Our strategy also involves enhancing equine anti-doping investigation capabilities.

Cobalt is one of many threshold substances, which we, at QREC, are keen to monitor. In fact, Cobalt and its effects on humans and horses have been a major concern in the horse racing industry during the last couple of years, especially when trainers administer Cobalt to racehorses thinking this would enhance their performance.

We, at QREC, have been very strict with Cobalt as a threshold substance. Our efforts in this respect have resulted in detecting one case, when the related analysed samples revealed the presence of cobalt at a level 12 times higher than the internationally accepted level. In that particular case, we noticed that the trainer administered a Vitamin B12 supplement to the horse in question and that supplement had a considerable amount of Cobalt in its ingredients. We took a strict action by suspending his licence for one year.

Therefore, we all need to collaborate and put our efforts together to set regulations in Qatar to ban the harmful usage of threshold substances in line with the international standards.

We, at QREC, have high hopes on symposia and gathering as this to come up with new positive outcomes, recommendations and decisions, which will foster the national and international efforts in this field.”

QREC General Manager concluded his speech wishing the Symposium all success.