Farrier Section


The Farrier Section of the Racing and Equestrian Club (REC) consists of a team of farriers who are committed to the responsibilities of horse farriery. Run by Miss Noof Sultan Al Suwaidi, the Farrier Section is made up of an office manager and farriers of different nationalities. All team members maintain the same common goal; that is to keep a professional and unique level of consistency to where the art of shoeing is applied.
Our services are provided from our two workshops situated here within REC. These two workshops are fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment which helps us in the fabrication of many different kinds of shoes, including both surgical and standard shoes.

Our services are also extended to outside REC as we serve many horse farms and studs throughout Qatar.

As with most things in life, progress and education are always moving forward. The world of horse shoeing is no exception as regular ground-breaking advances are made towards hoof care solutions, improvements and techniques. All of these advances are regularly discussed and shared among our team members in the interest of maintaining the highest level of knowledge and service made available to the clients.

Product standard and team work are also of great importance which is why we, here at REC, opt for using only the highest quality tools and products for our horses as well as having a good working relationship with the REC Veterinary Section.

For us, horse comfort is a reflection of the passion and commitment put in by the farrier team. In fact, we strongly believe in the expression “No foot no horse”.

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