Horse Pool

Swimming pool facilities

An equine swimming pool is an essential facility for training horses. Our circular indoor pool is an invaluable training aid for problem horses whose injuries, would otherwise have stopped them from exercising. It’s also important for retaining and maintaining a basic level of fitness for horses. It’s a great aerobic workout, swimming gives full body conditioning with no concussion

Time schedules and rules

From Sunday to Thursday:
05:00am to 08:00am
4:00pm to 6:00pm (except on races days)
Saturday morning only during racing season.

The Racing & Equestrian Club (QREC) will take all care in relation to maintenance and use of its horse swimming pool, but will accept no responsibility in relation to accidents or injuries occurring whilst using the pool or any veterinary problems, which might occur following its use.

The QREC Management has the right to deny entry to any horse, which is deemed unfit, or to restrict the use of the pool.

A swimming pool attendant must assist the groom with the each horse being swim.

Any person not observing the code of conduct applicable in the QREC swimming pool, will be removed from the pool premises.

All horses are be washed and get cleaned prior to entering the pool.

Horses will only be permitted to swim three rounds of the pool and only be permitted to use the pool once a day.

All horses resented for swimming must be registered and vaccinated and the groom shall have the passport or a copy of the passport available or the card provide by the pool supervisor, failing which the horse will not be allowed to enter the pool.



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