Ahmad Alabdulmalik: Sponsorship renewed in line with legal terms

Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club (QREC) Board Member Ahmad bin Mohammed Alabdulmalik stressed the success of the Qatar Goodwood Festival in promoting Qatar’s equestrian sport and horse racing and demonstrating QREC’s efficiency in such prestigious global gatherings and promoting Qatar.

“As a lawyer, I have been involved mainly in the legal aspect of the sponsorship agreement between QREC and Goodwood Racecourse”, he said, “We, at QREC, have ensured the extended sponsorship is in line with the terms, which protect the rights of QREC and are in favour of QREC from the QREC management’s point of view. The response and cooperation were so remarkable from Goodwood Racecourse management’s side that all the details were finalised in a short time and it was agreed to extend QREC’s sponsorship of the Festival to 2024.

“We are committed to optimum investment in this event, especially with the associated large-scale participation and media coverage, which create a remarkable opportunity for more progress in the Festival, which is highly coveted both in the UK and overseas”, concluded Alabdulmalik.