Enhancing QREC’s Vision



 Nasser Bin Sherida Al Kaabi – QREC CEO

Enhancing QREC’s Vision

Qatar elected Member of ECAHO Executive Committee

Al Mannai scored 21 votes in Annual General Meeting in Rome


Qatar was elected to the membership of the European Conference of Arab Horse Organisations (ECAHO) Executive Committee during ECAHO Annual General Meeting held in Rome on Sunday, 24 February. Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club (QREC) was represented in the Meeting by Hassan Al Mannai, QREC Head of Show Section, and Saad Al Kubaisi, QREC Deputy Head of Show Section.

The representative of QREC, Hassan Al Mannai, scored 21 votes, which was the second highest number of votes obtained by a candidate, securing him a place among the nine members and the chairman of the ECAHO Executive Committee.

Such success in the elections highlights the standing of Qatar’s equestrian sport worldwide and QREC’s commitment to realise its vision of promoting Qatar as a world hub for the equestrian sport. It is worth-mentioning that earlier, the Qatar International Purebred Arabian Horse Show was promoted to a title show, which is the highest level of horse show events in the world, putting the Qatar International Purebred Arabian Horse Show on equal footing with the World Arabian Horse Championship held in Paris, France annually as the top event of its kind worldwide. The election to the membership of the ECAHO Executive Committee also coincides with massive success of the HH The Amir Sword Festival, which was concluded at QREC on Saturday.

Commenting on this new achievement for Qatar’s equestrian sport, QREC CEO Nasser bin Sherida Al Kaabi said: “The election of Qatar to the membership of the ECAHO Executive Committee is a natural outcome of the progress of our horse shows, especially as ECAHO monitors all shows worldwide and is aware of the level of each country whether in terms of organisation or quality of horses. I’d like to thank HE Issa bin Mohammed Al Mohannadi, QREC Chairman, for his valuable support and commitment to develop all QREC-organised activities and events and to ensure optimum representation of Qatar and QREC overseas as was the case with Hassan Al Mannai, QREC Head of Horse Show Section, whom I’d like to thank as well for his efforts during the ECAHO Annual General Meeting. No doubt, the election of Qatar to the membership of the ECAHO Executive Committee will be in favour of the Arabian horse shows to be held in Qatar in future.”

Hassan Al Mannai – QREC Head of Show  Section

Hassan Al Mannai, QREC Head of Horse Show, was elated with the success in the elections. “I’m very happy that Qatar was elected a member of the ECAHO Executive Committee. I had the honour to be the representative of Qatar in the Annual General Meeting. In fact, I felt the strong appreciation by most of the delegates of the 28 countries represented in the meeting of Qatar’s commitment to Arabian horse shows. Now, Qatar will have an influential representation in the ECAHO Executive Committee by working towards progressing such shows worldwide and increasing the number of top-level ones as well as abandon those, which aren’t very useful.”

“The Executive Committee has several roles both in terms of shows and approval of international judges. In the near future, there will several meetings to enhance its role and achieve its tasks. Qatar does deserve to be a member of the Executive Committee given the firm commitment to the equestrian sport in general and Arabian horse shows in particular. I’d like to thank the QREC management for their support during the meeting and the elections”, added Al Mannai.