Qatar and Hong Kong sign Horse Movement Agreement Al Kaabi: Mutual sports and economic benefits … forthcoming similar agreements with other countries

In a step to enhance cooperation in horse movement, import and export, Qatar, represented by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), and Hong Kong, represented by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD), signed an agreement involving acceptance of health certificates and facilitation of horse movement between the two sides. The agreement has been in force since 10 December 2018.


Eng. Hussein al-Yahri, Head of the Veterinary Quarantine Department, on behalf of Eng. Farhoud al-Hajri, Director of Animal Wealth Department of the MME, signed the agreement while the Hong Kong signatory was Dr Thomas Sit, Assistant Director of Inspection and Quarantine, on behalf of the AFCD.


“This agreement is part of a series of agreements which the Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club (QREC) is in the process of concluding them with several countries to ensure smooth movement, import and export of horses”, said Nasser bin Sherida al-Kaabi, QREC Chief Executive Officer. “We have already signed similar agreements with Japan and Turkmenistan and we will conclude one with Turkey in the near future. In addition, QREC has plans to sign similar agreements with South American countries, including Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.”


“This agreement with Hong Kong brings about economic benefits as well as it enables Qatar Airways to transport horses between Qatar and Hong Kong and between other countries and Hong Kong transiting through Hamad International Airport in Qatar. Other benefits include mutual formal acceptance of temporary import of horses, acceptance of health certificates and smoother testing measures. This will certainly facilitate the participation of horses from the two sides in the races and other sports events held in Qatar and Hong Kong”, added QREC CEO.