Yousef Dasmal: Brilliant organisation by QREC

HE Brigadier-General, Yousef Dasmal Al Kuwari, President of the Military Sports Association, lauded the advanced level of Qatar’s horseracing and its international reputation. “Thanks to the State’s due attention, Qatar’s equestrian sport has realized numerous successes in terms of both the technical and the organisational aspects”, he said, “Many Qatari horse owners have achieved excellent results overseas. In addition, the organisation of the race meeting was brilliant and I would like to thank the QREC management for such world-class organisation.’’

After presenting the trophies to the winners of the main race, HE Brigadier-General Al Kuwari said that the contests of the Derby were highly thrilling and captured the attention of the audience.

He wished Qatar’s equestrian sport more success on all local and international levels, especially as this sport is an integral part of Qatar’s heritage.