Classification of Races

Types of Races

Purebred Arabian Races: Races that are restricted to Arabian horses only

Thoroughbred Races: Races that are restricted to Thoroughbred horses only

Maiden: For horses that have never won a race before

Handicap: All horses carry weights based on their ability which is assessed by the official handicapper. The horses with the highest handicap rating carry the most weight with all other horses carrying weight relative to their individual handicap rating. The idea being that this handicapping system means that all horses theoretically have an equal chance of winning. Many handicap races are limited to horses of a particular rating.

Conditions Races: A notch below Listed standard. There are certain conditions for qualification. For example, the age or sex of the horse, winner of one race or more, etc…

Listed Races: This level of race just below Group Races

Group 1, 2 & 3 races: The most valuable and prestigious races (Group 1 being the best) in which the best horses race. These races are sometimes referred to as pattern races.