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Qatar a world hub for horse racing

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The Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club (QREC) plays a pivotal role in achieving the leadership, which Qatar’s equestrian sport enjoys. QREC fulfils this role through its vision to promote Qatar as a world hub for horse racing and a leader in the pure Arabian breed. Such vision is highlighted in the QREC’s commitment to pure Arabian and thoroughbred racing and the pure Arabian horse shows organised by QREC throughout the season every year.

To realise this vision, QREC works towards achieving excellence in planning, regulating and developing Qatar’s equine industry to reflect the world’s best practices, promote QREC’s social responsibility and broaden its audience base locally and globally.

No doubt such excellence requires tireless efforts and continuous development and QREC is committed to such requirements. To this end, QREC has developed a five-year plan, which involves a fixed racing calendar, allowing horse owners and trainers to develop medium and long-term plans for racing. QREC, further, develops programmes aimed to develop promising local jockeys by sending them to training courses at the world’s largest training centres.

Through our values of innovation, excellence, professionalism and integrity, we will maintain our commitment to achieve such vision and leadership; to play a major and effective role in promoting the passion for the equestrian sport and horse racing locally and internationally; and to enhance our youth’s respect and pride in this national heritage so that they will pass this legacy to future generations.

Issa bin Mohammed Al-Mohannadi